The financial and mortgage industry crisis of 2008 created a tremendous void in the marketplace, leaving both consumers and related professionals underserved. Angel Oak Home Loans emerged as a well-managed and well capitalized mortgage banking firm that embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and service driven focus widely absent in the mortgage business. Our lending philosophy is founded upon a tenet of providing innovative portfolio loan programs, while consistently delivering an exceptional client experience, for both our borrowers and referral partners. A feat rarely accomplished in the industry.

Angel Oak’s lending practice was founded upon core principals of providing consumers with a variety of mortgage products that are tailored to meet their individual home financing needs. At Angel Oak, we realize that each of our client’s circumstances are unique and therefore we take an advisory approach to meeting their mortgage needs. Our highly trained Licensed Mortgage Advisors (LMA’s) work closely with each client and partner to match the right program for their situation. Our collaborative approach to servicing clients and referral partners enables us to deliver some of the quickest turn times in the industry, while focusing on superior client satisfaction. In fact, *95% of our clients are likely to recommend Angel Oak to a friend or colleague, according to our recent post-closing surveys. (*Client Survey results as of June 2016)

The three cornerstones of my business.
1. No surprises, control client expectations through effective communication.
2. Exceed client expectations = loyal repeat and referral clients
3. Always close on time

Reach out to me if you have any questions about the mortgage process, our unique loan products, or wish to get pre-approved for a home loan prior to searching for your dream home.
At you service!

Product Offerings based on Borrower Profiles

• Conventional
• Government – VA, FHA and USDA
• Jumbo – Fixed Rate, ARMS, Interest Only
College tuition, wedding on the horizon or planning a much needed vacation? With the new Performance Jumbo program, you only need 5% down payment for the home of your dreams and keep more money available for life’s milestones.

• Home purchases up to $762,000 with only 5% down.
• 95% in house agency second.
• In house underwriting
• Interest Only Options Available*

Angel Oak‘s Traditional In-House JUMBO Loan Product . The Performance Jumbo program allows us to control the entire loan process from set up to servicing. Total control of the process helps increase speed and efficiency allowing faster turn times.

• In House Underwriting, Processing and Closing
• All loans are serviced by Angel Oak Home Loans
• Aggressive Fixed and ARM rates
• Primary and Second Homes
• 80% to $1,500,000-Higher case by case basis

Are you “just missing” the opportunity to purchase a home due to tight lending standards set by the big banks? Angel Oak’s Portfolio Series Loan might be the right product for you.

• Loans Up To $2 Million (Minimum $75,000)
• Credit Scores Down To 620
• Up to 90% LTV (No MI)
• Cash Out For Reserves OK
• Gift funds allowed
• 5/1 ARM or 30-year fixed
• Seller Concessions To 6% (2% For Investment)
• 2 Years Seasoning For Foreclosure, Short Sale, BK, DIL
• Owner-Occupied, 2nd Homes, And Investment Properties
• Non-Warrantable Condos Considered
• Interest Only Program Available
• No Pre-Pay Penalty For Owner-Occ And 2nd Homes
• Single Family Residence, Townhomes, Condos, 2-4 Units
• DTI up to 50% considered

Most suitable for borrowers who have irregular cash flows, want to reap a tax benefit, or to free up cash for investment opportunities.

• No Tax Returns Required
• 12-24 months Personal Bank Statements or Business P&L
• Loans Up To $3 Million (Minimum $150,000)
• Credit scores down to 620 / Interest only available
• Rates Starting In The 5’s
• Personal To 90% LTV (No MI), Business To 80% LTV
• 5/1 ARM or 30-year Fixed
• Seller Concessions To 6% (2% For Investment)
• Bank Statement Deposits Used To Qualify
• 2 Years Seasoning For Foreclosure, Short Sale, BK, DIL
• Owner-Occ, 2nd Homes, And Investment Properties
• Non-Warrantable Condos Considered
• Gift Funds Allowed
• No Pre-Pay Penalty For Owner-Occupied 2nd Homes
• SFRs, Townhomes, Condos, 2-4 Units
• DTI Above 35/43 Considered With 660+ Credit Score

Watch this video for more information on Angel Oak’s Bank Statement programs

Angel Oak created the Home$ense program to assist homeowners that were caught in the storm of the global recession and subsequent mortgage crisis.
We have all heard the saying that “bad things sometimes happen to good people.”
No longer does a borrower have to wait 4 + years to buy a home after a credit event. Move on from the past and begin again!

• Loans Up To $1 million (Over $1M Case by Case)
• Credit Scores Down To 500 (Including Jumbo Loans)
• Up to 85% LTV With No MI
• Mortgage Lates Are OK
• 100% Gi͌ Funds Allowed
• 5/1 ARM Or 30-year Fixed
• Seller Concessions To 6% (2% for investment)
• DTI Up To 50% Considered
• 1 Day Out Of Foreclosure, Short Sale, BK, DIL
• Owner-occupied, 2nd homes, and Investment Properties
• Non-Warrantable Condos Considered
• No Pre-Pay Penalty For Owner-Occ And 2nd Homes
• No Active Tradelines OK With Housing History
• Single family, Townhomes, Condos, 2-4 Units
• Up To 100% Investor Concentration Allowed

Are you looking to expand or build your real estate portfolio? Angel Oak may have the solution! Investor Cash Flow was created to serve your real estate investment goals!

• No Personal Income Used To Qualify
• Qualification Based On Property Cash Flow
• Credit Scores Down To 660
• Rates Starting In The Low 6’s
• Up to 75% LTV (Up To 80% NOO On Other Programs
• No DTI Restrictions
• 2 Years Seasoning, Foreclosure, Short Sales, BK, DIL
• Must have Housing History And Own A Primary Home
• No Limit On Number Of Properties Financed
• Loans Up To $1 Million (Minimum $75,000)
• Seller Concessions To 2%

• Minimum 500 Credit Score
• Max LTV 90%
• Max Ratios of 31/43 for energy efficient homes 33/45
• Must have a DU Approved/Eligible
• Gifts Allowed-NO DPA or grants allowed
• Single Family and Condominiums
homes 33/45
Most suitable for borrowers who are foreign buyers looking to refinance their second home or investment property.

• Up To 75% LTV (Purchase OR Refinance)
• No US Credit Required
• Fewer Country Restrictions
• DTI Up To 50% Considered
• 5/1 ARM Or 30 Year Fixed
• Minimum Loan Amount Down To $75,000
• 12 Months Reserved Required
• Non-Warrantable Condos Considered
• Single Family Residence, Townhomes, Condos, 2-4 Units
• Loans Up To $750,000 (Higher Amounts Case By Case)
• No SSN Or ITIN Required
• Reserves Can Remain In Foreign Account